The Mechanics of Brass Playing

"A REINHARDT RETROSPECTIVE" with Richard Hanks.   
Dave Sheetz speaks at The International Trumpet Guild Conference and presenting

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The review of the talk
HERE and the handout at the


The Kelly ClearView Mouthpiece

Recommended by Airstream Dynamicstm

For Embouchure Visualization

 Click on WoodWind and BrassWind  - A "must" for all brass teachers



Welcome to the Club!

Gone But Still Important

How Important is the Grip?

3 Vital Steps for "Lip Pucker" Development

Quirks of the Types

The Shake

The Jaw and Angular Horn Movement

How to buzz the lips correctly without the
mouthpiece or instrument

Trumpet Grips

Role of the Arms

Role of the Right Hand

Proper Use of the 3rd and
Valve Slide

Second Series

The Hand Vibrato

A Few Type Four "Pitfalls"

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