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Bio - David H. Sheetz

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David H. Sheetz
David wishes to dedicate this website to his mentor,
Dr. Reinhardt


Dr. Reinhardt's audioclip
on the Pivot System can be


Maynard Ferguson (l)
with Dr. Reinhardt


                                                                       BIO - DAVE SHEETZ

David  H. Sheetz, upon completing his B.A. program from Gettysburg College, Pa., played first trumpet with the U.S. Army Field Band of Washington, D.C., and has over 50 years of performance experience, culminating  in the casino show bands of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Upon completion of a long tenure with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Mr. Sheetz received his endorsement and authorization from the late Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt to teach the Pivot System.  Forty years with Dr. Reinhardt as student, friend and colleague led naturally to the creation of Airstream Dynamics and has resulted in the emergence of one of a handful of Embouchure Consultants, past or present, dedicated to the excellence of brass performance. 

David Sheetz played trumpet in the Army Field Band, the Persian Room in New City's Plaza Hotel, the Glenn Miller Orchestra , the Si Zentner Orchestra at Resorts International Hotel/Casino  in Atlantic City,  the Artie Shaw Orchestra and on Broadway, to name just a few of his many sojourns. He studied with the late Donald Reinhardt for more than 40 years and is Vice-President of the Reinhardt Foundation.  Sheetz plays an  LA Benge MLP Bb Trumpet with a Stork mouthpiece copy of a Reinhardt #2.

 Endorsement/Authorization from Dr. Reinhardt

"D. H. Sheetz, B.A., has been a student of trumpet and overall brass pedagogy under my tutelage.  I consider his sincere dedication, superb musicianship, outstanding performance, and a splendid analytic talent coupled with exceptional instructional ability to be a credit to himself, myself and the profession as well.  I can recommend him without reservation to any serious-minded student." -Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt

A Letter of Commendation from Dr. Clarke to Dr. Reinhardt

Click here to read Dr. Herbert L. Clarke of the American Bandmasters' Association's letter to Dr. Reinhardt commending him on his book, the "Pivot Method".  Dr Clarke's post script, "Thanking you for sending your Book, and inform your publishers, the Elkan-Vogel Co., Inc., with my kind regards, that they may publish what I have written above, that it may help the sale, and all students," was never used by Dr. Reinhardt. 2009-2017 All Rights Reserved