Certainly anyone unfamiliar with the UPSTREAM/DOWNSTREAM occurrence is definitely "living in the dark ages" as far as the brass world is concerned.  

     Oliver Wendell Holmes stated, "Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprang up."  With all humility on this author's part, many things ARE made clearer and DO grow into something new, just as the original thinkers of old assimilated THEIR sum total of experience and knowledge of all that came before them to create the "new form" in THEIR lifetimes.  Thus, Airstream Dynamics™  in part derives its name from the airstream work of its predecessors and the dynamic way in which they went about presenting their work to the brass world.
     So, what is Airstream Dynamics™ and what's "new, better and different" about it?  Simply stated, "THE RESULTS!"  There is enough material/information now available in the accumulated history of brass playing.  WHAT IS NEEDED AND WANTED is to find the SPECIFIC information for the SPECIFIC set of circumstances and the SPECIFIC physical makeup of the individual to whom such information will put the performer on the "right track."  That is the role of Airstream Dynamics™, now and in the future.

     This is NOT to imply that "nothing new is to be found out about brass playing!"  On the contrary, with each breakthrough in each generation, the art of brass playing will continue to grow and develop, keeping pace with the new composers and arrangers, along with individual talents, performing previously unheard possibilities.  As Richard Bandler has pointed out, "There is a huge difference between learning some things, and discovering what there is still to learn.  That is the difference that makes the difference."

     Welcome to Airstream Dynamics™  .  Who knows what is possible for you!    Dave Sheetz


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