Dear Starliters:
Put on your seat belts for this one.... This Saturday January 24th Is going to Rock at The Broadway Station. (Check website for location:  It's going to be Hot Hot Hot did I mention it's going to be hot... I can definitely say you would pay big bucks for a show like this anywhere else but at The Station The Admission is FREE... With shows like this the real Broadway will soon be calling. So come in out of the cold as Starlite Karaoke presents the return of:
"The Saturday Night Showcase." Show Starts at 10 PM. This Show is truly going to be for everyone as we're proud to present "The Sounds of Legends"

Opening Act:  "The Calendar Girls"

This Gorgeous Duo from South Jersey are exactly what we need to heat things up... All I can say is that they alone are worth the trip to the Bar that night. But don't take my word for it check out their website and decide for yourself: I'm betting that not only after viewing their site that we will have all the men coming down but  the ladies as well, to make sure the men act like gentlemen. We're in for a real treat with The Calendar Girls and I appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedules to perform for us. They are the real McCoy and they just elevated our show to a higher level. So just let me say in advance Jo-Ann & Trish "Thank you."

The Calendar
Girls Duo

Next Up:    "Mickey D"
 Mickey D will be our first Legend of the night as he brings to life the sounds of Old Blue Eyes himself Frank Sinatra. You will truly be amazed how Mickey D will make you feel like you are spending an evening with The Chairman of the Board himself. So if you know someone in your life who loves Frank here is your chance to give them the next best thing. Mickey D has performed all over the world for crowds that are always left in awe...
Next UP:    "Tom Young"
Close your eyes sit back and listen as Tom Young brings back the sounds of our second Legend: The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. All I can say is if Elvis were still alive and came to hear Tom Young sing he would say something to Tom like "Thank you Thank you very much." Tom hands downs is the best Elvis vocalist out there period.
Next Up:   "Paulie D"
 Paulie D is Mickey D's younger brother and is bringing us back with our third Legend of the night Bobby Darrin. Bobby Darrin is one of Rock and Rolls lost treasures that was taken to soon from us. With hit's from the fifties like "Splish Splash," "Beyond the Sea," and "Mack the Knife" Paulie D will literally bring us back to The Day of The Hop.
Next Up:  "Joann Long"
 Starlite's own best kept secret is Joann Long as she will mesmerize you with an assortment of Rock and Roll done her way as she will make each song her own. Joann is one of my favorite singers as she always manages to simply amaze me. She is also one of the nicest people I know and that will reflect on all the people she brings with her as she is truly blessed with many friends who are dying to hear her sing...
Next Up:  "Philip Clark"
 We are in for a treat as my good friend Philip Clark joins us as the forth Legend of the night with his renditions of Marvin Gaye as well as some of his own original music... Check out his website As you will see that besides being an accomplished musician with a CD of his work he is also an accomplished author...

Last But Not Least:  "Amy Allensworth"
My good friend and CO-host Amy the Rock Star will go through a complete transformation as she will not only sound like the Queen of Rock and Roll but she will also look like her giving the full visual effect of having Janis Joplin all for yourself on an intimate level. Amy promises to deliver with a hard no nonsense performance of Rock and Roll's raspiest singer and much raspier personality. Janice was known to electrify her audience with a stage presence that was borderline dangerous, so I feel for those of you that are close to the stage... Well, folks it doesn't get any better than this so get there early because the SHOW WILL DEFINITELY START ON TIME at 10 PM and it will be crowded...































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