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Flutes for Peace Flute Ensembles
Performing to Promote Peace . Love and Healing for Humanity
Changing the World One Flute at a Time!

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geri rizzo flute
Geri Rizzo, Founder
In 2016, Flutes for Peace Founder Flutist Geri Rizzo entertained her dream to unite flutists in an effort to promote peace!   Since then they have played for many public and private events in the name of peace and for shut ins to bring them peace through our beautiful sounds.    We perform light classical, jazzy tunes, standards and movie themes.  We have a lovely Christmas program!

Our core members are listed below, and we are always open to new members who read well.  In performances, we range from four to eight players, but our quartet, below is our main group.

We are expanding to every state of the USA and beyond, internationally.  If you have a flute choir, please contact Geri for more information!

Judith Simmermom
Atlantic Pops
rose flutist
Rosemarie Cicalese-Jurgaitis
Atlantic Pops


Beverly Pugh-Corry
Atlantic Pops

Janet Somers
Bay Atlantic Symphony

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