Playing to Promote Peace and Healing


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      Geri Rizzo, President

Geri Rizzo, Flutist, Singer

Geri has been playing the flute most of her life and is conservatory trained (New England Conservatory).  She has  played jazz in most of casinos in Atlantic City (NJ) and classical music for private events as well as in many symphonic bands and orchestras.  She loves helping others and believes in healing with music and has been playing for shut-ins for most of her life in hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. She has been singing since a toddler and sings currently with her church choir and as a soloist for events and weddings.  Geri plays flute in the Atlantic Pops Community Band, EHT, NJ, with Judy.

Judy Simmermon, Vice-President

Judy Simmermon, Flutist

The beautiful flute playing of Judy Simmermon began in high school and she moved on to play in the U.S. Marine Band in Quantico.  She now plays in the Atlantic Pops in Egg Harbor Township as well as the Tri-State Band in Gloucester County.  Judy is a dedicated flutist and also plays for weddings and special events.



      About Us

Geri and Judy met online in a flutist forum and presently  perform together in the Atlantic Pops Community Band.  They began "Flutes for Peace" in an attempt to promote peace and understanding through music.  They believe that Art Save Lives in more ways than one.  But Geri Rizzo and Judy Simmermon have something more important in common than playing the flute...  They were both single Moms who put their musical dreams on hold for a good reason - to work and support their children and raise them well.  Mission accomplished, they are now enjoying playing music and helping others in doing so.  The ensemble performs classical to pop, inspirational, sacred, and holiday music!

Our Mission

We are on a ministry through music not only to  bring joy and healing to all who listen, but also to aid Peace Organizations in their quest. Our goal is simple:  To spread peace, healing and joy to shut-ins, perform for benefits, and promote an atmosphere of love and well being through our musical gifts. We are now four and growing!

Above:  Flutes for Peace in Rehearsal
We are currently busy booking gigs for the holidays! 
You can call us here........... 609-665-1731 or email us at:


 Our Members
From left:   Judy Simmermon, flute, bass flute, piccolo;  Cindy Yenelovich, flute, alto flute, piccolo; Geri Rizzo, flute; Erika Zeiters, flute, piccolo; Rose Jurgaitis, flute/piccolo (not shown) 

Our terrific flutists are all members of the Atlantic Pops Community Band, EHT, NJ


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