You're My Angel
Written & Performed
by Geri Rizzo



Wedding Music

Flutes for Peace

Snapshot     Geri Rizzo is an amazing flutist who wows everyone who hears her!   Ahead of her time, she is one of the first flutists in her  era to integrate classical flute with jazz and rock n'roll and has served as an inspiration to many!   Geri's flute has been heard from orchestra and chamber ensembles to casinos and private events to jazz concerts and outdoor rock n'roll gatherings (even Woodstock anniversaries!) and back.  Even though she is conservatory educated, you also can just hum a tune and she'll play it!  Today she is a familiar figure in the Southern NJ music scene both performing and teaching.

"Music keeps our minds and bodies young - It is an outlet to express the gamut of emotions we feel on a daily basis - love & hate, happiness  & sadness  -  providing a healthy outlet in lieu of more negative alternatives,"  she says, "
It is a proven fact that music stimulates our brains and makes them more effective!  Why not enjoy doing that by engaging in playing or even just listening to music!"  More here...

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