Flutist Geri Rizzo
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"Geri Rizzo is a fabulous flutist who performs classical, popular and jazz equally well. Her tone, artistry and overall professionalism have consistently earned her top ratings in customer satisfaction. Geri offers a wide range of musical services and valuable expertise in  designing musical programs for her clients."  - Don Allen, Violinist 


Classical Jazz Vocal-Flute
Entracte/Bizet Europa Emily

My love for music began listening to my Mom and Dad playing music.  Mom was a great singer... Dad played harmonica.  Both of them didn't read a note of music, but had great "ears" which I fortunately inherited.  Until I was ten, I thought I'd be a singer too, until I discovered the flute.  Once I started playing it, I couldn't put it down.  I loved the sound it made.  It was at once magical, soothing, healing and a means of expressing myself.

Combined with an innate spirituality and my love for nature there was nothing better than climbing a tree or sitting on a swing playing to God.  It was my way of communicating with him and expressing love and beauty to others. 

Learning, growing, reinventing myself and working as a single Mom while raising two beautiful children,  I always knew I would never stop playing and singing on the road less traveled.  Life is an adventure!  Follow your dreams!


Flutes for Peace


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"... one of my finest students,"
~ Flutist and Conductor
Claude Monteux
"....a natural!"  
~ flutist Julius Baker