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Authorized Straubinger Certified Technician


Louis Carlini is not only an expert flute repairman, but also a Straubinger Certified Technician (see here). 
 Lou acquired most of his expertise from working with his Dad, a master machinist
who had studied instrument repair at the Dorn Kirchner School in Union NJ.

In 1973 they began to specialize in professional quality flutes, and by 1992, Lou was working on the flute of Julius Baker, former Principal of the NY Philharmonic. Manufacturers in the quiet evolution of flute making in the generation of the Golden Era through today have depended on his expert opinion, and Louis continues to troubleshoot and apply his ingenuity to each flute's individual needs and capacities.

Mr. Carlini holds degrees in English Literature from FDU and Music Performance [Magna Cum Laude] from Rutgers University. He studied flute with Anton Kuskin and Ransom Wilson.  He has conducted repair seminars at Wilkes University [Pa.] and at the 1998 NY Flute Fair, and has done flute triage both at Wilkes and for Julius Baker master classes.

An impassioned repair person, Louis strives to make every instrument sing, and you can be sure that your flute will maintain his solid precision adjustments.   Mr. Carlini is a member of the National Flute Association and can be seen at their yearly conventions as well as other flute associated conventions.

Your experience with Mr. Carlini will be that he is not only humble about his abilities, but also honest and fair in his dealings.  So whether your flute needs a tune up or you need to tune up your flute playing, give Mr. Carlini a call!  You won't be sorry!

To schedule an appointment, see his telephone, address & email above

*** Hey Lou,  I received my (Artley metal) Piccolo today and it plays  great.  It is just a piece of crap student model and it plays as well as a  pro-model.  My Powell flute is playing like new again.  The biggest  difference I see is that the "edge" is back in my sound like when I bought it  new.  Great job.  Thanks for your hard work and it was a pleasure to spend the day  with you and get to know you.
Dale Houck

*** Dear Lou,  You've got magic!  My (backup flute, Yamaha 481 H) flute plays great,  Thank you
Hope your holiday season is great!   Nancy Sanderson, Instructor, Wyoming Seminary

*** Hi Lou!   Just an update on the flute--it works beautifully. I'm pretty positive that it works
better than the moment I first bought it.  Thank you so much again for getting it done so quickly.  Thanks again Lou... until next time! Ty Gable

*** Dear Lou,  Thank you for the superb job you have done on my Cooper-Haynes flute.  I have
not played this particular flute for over a year because I could not tolerate the "tubby" sound (among other issues).  In the past year you are the 3rd flute technician to work on it - and FINALLY I am in love with it again.  It has NEVER played better!
You will be the only flute technician (I should say EXPERT) that I will allow to work on my flutes ever again!  Thank you so very much! 
Nancy Shearer

*** "Thank you SO MUCH"
  for the wonderful work you did on my flute, (a Powell])! I have played
it now for the last week, and it is amazing_ I am not sure it ever sounded this nice!" 
:) Flutist Cathy Garrison

*** Lou, Thank you so much for the fabulous work you did on my flute!  Love, Natasha Huisen

*** I just got my flute back today, and after playing it for about an hour,  I hear a big difference.
Thank you very much for your time in making the repairs!  Take care.  Sheila Flanagan

***"Dear Lou,  the flute plays beautifully. Thank you for making time to work on it.  Everyone could
hear the difference in ensemble today.  Thanks again  Daphne (Cunliffe).

*** Dear Mr. Carlini,  Thank you very much for repairing the flute for our daughter Eva Marie.  She
is thrilled!  I've enclosed a gratuity for your services. thank you very much.
Sincerely, Delilah Smith.

*** Dear Lou, thank you again for doing a wonderful job repairing my flute.  I also appreciate your
sending it back to me so quickly.  Best wished to you always." Leah

*** Lou, Thank you for you work on my Altus. The action is faster!  What I thought was articulation / fingers coordination was the action getting in the way.  Thank you again!  -Tina Gast

*** Forget the rest - Lou's the Best"  I have a heavy freelance schedule, and Lou keeps my flutes
and my students' flutes in top condition! He is thorough, affordable, a good communicator, honest
and "ethical". 
I brought my flute to him once and said, "Lou! My flute needs an overhaul!"  and he responded: "How do you know that?  Let me look at it!"  It turned out it did not need an overhaul, merely some adjustments.  His honesty,  comprehensive knowledge of the instrument and  thoroughness is why I highly recommend him! Geri Rizzo


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