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Peter Ehlinger is a Haddon Township, NJ artist who works in watercolors, pen  and ink, and pastels.  He has been exhibiting works since the 1960's with showings in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Upstate New York.  Peter participates in many art and craft fairs on the east coast and has won several awards in juried exhibitions.  His work has been featured in galleries and in the homes and  businesses of clients who have commissioned him.

Peter describes his treatment of watercolors as "heavy handed". His goal is to disguise the medium.  His Asian influenced works reflect a unique style of multiple washes and intricate design.  Some works begin with a substantial application of color and a reduction process which creates an unusual textured effect.  His backgrounds have liberal applications of gold and bronze.  Unlike Oriental artists, Peter's works are complex, structured and time-consuming.  He combines traditional themes with bold colors in subjects ranging from Geishas to pottery.

Peter's work has also appeared on greeting cards and many local boutiques.  He features his smaller works at craft fairs. In addition to the Asian impressions, Peter uses watercolors and pen to create works resembling detailed stained glass windows.  They involve subjects one might expect to find in a Victorian home or place of worship.  Fables, florals and abstract designs are all interpreted in rich colors to attain the stained glass effect with a definite Tiffany feel.  Noveau inspired figure studies, storybook scenes, English gardens, and the poster art of the 19th century illustrators influence Peter's remaining works.  They are noted for their strong use of color and detail.  Again the multiple wash technique make these works appear as if they have been completed in another medium.  Subjects range from classical ballet to whimsical flights of imagination.














Peter completes work on commission.  Contact him
at (856) 858-7851 or

New Works a/o Summer 2013
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New Works a/o Summer 2011
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"Butterfly Vase"


"Geisha Flowerbed"

"Wildberry Vase"


"Turquoise Vase"


"The Mermans"

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