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The purpose of this endeavor is to honor and preserve the teaching legacy and promote that legacy for future generations of cupped mouthpiece brass players.

The Memorial Fund was created by Howard D. Lay, a student of Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt, at his New York studio for about six months followed by a period of about 20 months in his Philadelphia studio teaching, observing, studying and transcribing his lectures to a first draft of his Encyclopedia of the Pivot System in 1948.

The project was not commenced until 2001 after several years of thought.  David H. Sheetz and others have already acted in various ways to not allow the Reinhardt teachings to be forgotten.



Howard Lay


Mr. Howard Lay became an attorney in 1957 and has donated the initial seed money, time and expense to certify a 501(c)(3) not for profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules to receive tax deductible money, bequests and contributions to:

   The Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt Memorial Fund, Inc.
4420 Madison Avenue
Kansas City, MO  64111



An initial purpose was some scholarships in honor of Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt to needy students of brass instruments.

Another purpose is to cause republication of the Encyclopedia and other Reinhardt publications and his tape lectures with any other original materials.


We believe Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt had 5,000 or more students and many are living while others are departed.  Many have carried his ideas and teaching into their own teaching.

Some or all those students are asked to join this endeavor to the extent they are able to do so.
There are large foundations and funds together with individuals that support musical arts and they will be presented DONATIONS for grants or funding assistance as this Fund shows vigor and purpose.


The Fund will initiate and publish a newsletter and solicit memberships by all interested persons in order to further interest in a large geographic area with the belief that clinics or other events can be organized for former students to meet and pass the Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt torch to future generations.  A membership fee will be used to defray costs of the newsletter and start the Fund for initial scholarships and causing republication of the Reinhardt books at cost or less if funds are available.


David H. Sheetz owns the right to manufacture and distribute the Reinhardt mouthpieces and has voluntarily pledged $5.00 from the sale of each mouthpiece to the Fund.


The Fund is starting with $10,000 contributed by Howard D. Lay together with all the time and expenses including a $500 fee to the IRS.  Mr. Lay
plans to add to the Fund but does not want to be a one man band.

The work of Dr. Donald S. Reinhardt and as a unique individual needs to be remembered and perpetuated.

The Reinhardt studio materials were donated by his estate and are located at the Streitwieser Foundation, located in  Kremsmunster,  Austria.  The address is:  Schloss Kremsegg, Musica Kremsmunster, Kremsegger Strabe 59 A-4550 Kremsmunster Austria.

Howard D. Lay, President
12639 Oakmont Drive
Kansas City MO 64145

    (816) 931-2700 |   FAX:     (816) 931-

 David H. Sheetz, Vice-President
200 Surry Rd
Gilsum,NH 03448

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