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You Have Questions.... ?  Debunking Technical Jargon

Frequently Asked Technical Questions Replied to in "Layman's" Language

What is a domain name? Your site name:  www.yoursite.com (.net/.us/.biz etc.) / Compare this to your street address!
What is hosting? Your "Rental Space" on the web for your website / Compare this to you house or apartment where you live.
What is a "server" and whose server am I on? "Server" refers to the equipment your host owns which you rent to store your files on the web.
Why do I need a web page anyway? Because web pages are the business card of  today!
Why should I get a web page done by you? Great Design, easy navigation, SEO!  Knowledgeable about today's top techniques  and technology... Affordable fees!
What kind of packages do you have? Sites are custom made for each customer from either from scratch, using a template with a mobile site.
How about Social Media?  Social Media is a must today, and we will link you to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any Music or Business sites you need.  We can also help you with opening accounts in social media.
What are your FEES?

Breathe a Sigh of Relief.. Your Website does NOT have to cost you thousands of dollars!  Call today for a free consultation!

Basic Package:
Site creation, up to 5 pages/navigation scheme and index html.

Copywriting & Design-Graphics / Logos / Flash / Forms; Audio / Video; SEO - Search Engine submission to major search engines. 

Additional Fee Per Page depending on package.

Let's talk! Call for a free consultation! 609-665-1731

SEO.. What is it? "SEO" is an acronym for "search engine optimization"... there is a whole science behind this, but yes, we will make your site "searchable".... It will be found on the first page of Google and all other major search engines.

Webby Girl says, "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!"

Email "phishing" comes from Facebook or any "app" that may have contacted you to say you needed to put in your userid and password and sent you a link to do it.  This is simply an internet ruse by hackers to get you to give up your sacred information, i.e., your userids and passwords, but you must know the difference!

The next time you get one of these whether in an email or a "pop-up" (see "how to disable popups", below)
CHECK THE LINK.... for instance, it may SAY it's Paypal, and Paypal's url is:  
you might get a (phishing) link that looks like this:


Beware!  Any link that does not have JUST THE NAME of the company between the www. and the .com, is bogus and a fishing, or "phishing", expedition in the works!

Now something like this is NOT bogus:
www.paypal.com/info.htm..... that forward "slash" is simply taking you to another page on that website and any .htm or .html extension which means "hyper-text-marketing-language" (or in English, the code behind the visual web page you see) which actually creates the page with programming language or "geek speak".

Keep you computer clean!  I
recommend downloading these programs, free at www.download.com:

* Avast anti-virus
* CCleaner ..  There is a free version and paid version...  but if you want to keep
your computer running well
    and save on high repair costs, run this every few days.

Be careful when you go to the "download" page for these programs on
download.com!  Make sure you hit the right "download" button for the program you want (other software programs advertising on that page may try to get you to download theirs); then save it to your desktop or download folder (located in your my documents folder) and click on it to execute it after download. 

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