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Music for the Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony Music:*

1/2 Hour of Music before the ceremony
as guests are seated

Mom's Processional . Bridal Party Processional
The Bride's Processional . Any Interim Music

Performed at the end of the ceremony

*Basic ceremony, as on a beach / We also perform
for Catholic, Jewish and any creed ceremony

The Allegro Duo - Guitar and Flute

John Oelkers, guitar and Geri Rizzo, flute have been performing together in the Southern New Jersey" for ten years for private parties, fine restaurants, weddings, anniversaries - you name it!    A popular duo, John's unique talent and his "Breedlove" guitar renders a full vibrant addition to the sound of the flute.  John, originally, from Northern New Jersey played in several classic rock bands in his youth.  However, it wasn't a stretch for him to  classical/trraditional wedding music to his repertoire.  And for Geri, who started out learning music classically, it wasn't a stretch to play pop tunes and Rock and Roll.  She actually began playing Tull and Zeppelin in the 80's.

See their videos below, as well as a recent unsolicited review:

July 27, 2018:  Hello Geri and John, just want to say a huge thank you for being a part of our daughter Allison's wedding. It was great meeting both of you and you did a fantastic job. I heard great things from many of our guests, including the "Stairway to Heaven" sequence, which apparently made a huge impression. Several people actually said to me " I can't believe they played that, it was awesome". Thanks for being creative and capturing the spirit we were trying to convey. Please send me an address, as Allie and Brad would like to thank you personally for being part of their "best day ever". I look forward to hearing your music again! Peace and love,  Karen Ninfa

"Pachelbel Canon in D",
Flute and Guitar /Great for the Beach...
Classical/Traditional Wedding Music

"Air on the G String", JS Bach
... or anywhere!

Classical/Traditional Wedding Music

"Marry Me" by Train
For the Modern Music Aficionados!

"There is Love" - Flute and Guitar
Who doesn't love the Beatles?!

"In My Life", The Beatles

"Here, There and Everywhere", The Beatles

"You Raised Me Up", Flute and Harp
"The Celestial Duo"

"Ave Maria", Schubert - Solo Flute
Geri Rizzo can play any song she hears,
so  go ahead and pick your music!


Geri has been playing for weddings for 15 years in the Southern NJ area:  Cape May, Atlantic and
Ocean Counties for hundreds of happy brides!  She can form any ensemble you desire whether it is a  duo, trio or quartet!  Geri is always available to discuss these with you and answer all your questions.

Flute and Guitar / Two Flutes / Flute and Cello / Flute and Harp

Flute/Harp/Cello / Flute Trio / Flute, Violin and Cello

Flute Quartet / Flute-Violin-Viola-Cello / Flute-Harp-Viola-Cello

~ Our Fees are competitive with those of top musical ensembles ~

Call:  609-665-1731 / Email:  GeriRizzo@Gmail.com

Consider a Flute Duo / Trio or Quartet, as an alternative to a String Ensembles!

A Flute Quartet sounds heavenly... something different
than a string quartet...... mp3's on Youtube!

More Video on the Magic Flute Weddings You Tube Channel here

609-665-1731 | geririzzo@gmail.com



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