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John Swallow / In Memoriam

"Doc" in his studio

Dave Sheetz with Dr. Reinhardt
An affiliation of 40 years!

"I had studied with Doc in 1974-74. I had a long career on tour, in the studio and in the pit. Currently I am the founding director of popular music at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Doc changed my life before his system I had little endurance and range, because of his teaching I have had a long successful career.   I am pictured below (l) with Maynard Ferguson when I played in his band. The other picture is current."  Roget Pontbriand

Maynard Ferguson (l) - w/Roget Pontbirand (r) Back in the Day

Roget Pontbriand

Greg Gozzard and Family - click here!

Dave Sheetz

Doc and John Workman

John Stefan

Joe Cataldo

Joe Techner

"Doc" Reinhardt & Maynard Ferguson

"I wish he were my student!"

Bill Harris

Jack Allen..

Kai Winding

Art Depew

Bill Gibson
 (r) 1985

Bill Harris

Stan Mark

Don Wittekind

Lin Biviano

Franz Streitweiser

Roger Homefield

 Paul Garrett 

Paul Shoremount with Doc, 1983

Rich Willey

Ray Wetzel

Terry Stettler

Bill Newman

Warren Covington

Reunion 1994

   Milt Bernhardt


"Relaxation Routine!"


Randy Purcell

Don Eberly

Matt Neiss

Tommy Pederson

Rich Stanley

Chase Sanborn

Scott Holbert

Nick Fantazzi

Paul, Doc & Rene

Tagney, Ginsberg & Devoe

Doc & Kevin Shipe

Eli Dimeff

Mark Pender
of "Conan O'Brien" fame!

Herb Robertson

Ted Collins

Gregory McLean

(son) Brendan McLean

Jonathan Lax with Herald Trumpet

Jon Lax and Angelo Merola

Brenda Bass

John Wilson at
Montreux 2008

John Wilson.. in the day

William Picher

Ken Smukal
See on YouTube:

Terrell Stafford

Vaughn Nark
Hear mp3 commercial here

Dick Nash
Dick Nash with the
Reinhardt Mouthpiece

Mike Crotty

Paul Shoremont

Bob Zotolla

Don Paladino

Chris La Barbera, Trumpet
See him here on You Tube

Bruce Gates, Trumpet

Ed Zeuner

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